Hi, I’m Kai

Welcome my corner of the internet!

California girl with a Chinese-Thai mama. I live, work, and eat in San Francisco.

On Instagram you can catch me somewhere between “betchy LA girl with a lotta kale” and “obscure Thai dish you’ve never heard of.” You may find more of the same here, along with some personal tidbits.

I love homemade meals for the process - especially with near & dear friends. It's winding down time, wine time, no-rush-no-fuss time, and the best kind of bonding. There is something special about slowing down to savor the process of creating together - from picking out groceries to loading the last plates in the dishwasher and catching up in all the spaces between.

I started cooking with/for friends in college more because I was just starting to shop and experiment for myself, and discover which flavors I enjoyed best. I like to take my time, and mostly I like the way a meal can connect me with someone through the entire process, beyond the final result delivered to the table.

When I cook with someone, I like to have music on, stand side by side at the cutting board or stove, dance around each other in my tiny San Francisco kitchen, learn from each other, taste as we go, and focus on what the other person is saying while my hands are busy. That way when you finally sit down together, you are enjoying something you created together, which makes it all the more special.